Bible stories for children

In Bible Stories for Children, Wendy Maartens expresses her passion for ‘painting with words’ in a fresh and unique manner. Her retelling of stories from both the Old and New Testament will help children – from an early age – to follow Christ’s example by living abundantly, loving unconditionally and forgiving easily. These stories will make them excited about God and His people, the wonderful world in which they live, and teach them that God is a God who loves, smiles and forgives. The combination of Wendy’s accessible text and Marie Prinsloo’s joyful illustrations will give children a modern and open-minded insight into the facts and questions of Christian faith.

Format: Hardcover

Size: 280 x 195mm

Pages: 112

ISBN 978 1 43230 510 9 

Publisher: Penguin Random House

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Waar kan jy een van Wendy Maartens se boeke koop?

Wendy se boeke is beskikbaar by enige goeie boekwinkel. As jou gunsteling nie op die rak is nie, vra dat dit vir jou bestel word.