Animals of the Bible

When you think about the animals in the Bible, what pops into your mind first? How about the animals in Noah’s ark? Or maybe the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem? The Bible is filled with stories about amazing animals!

Learn all about God’s wonderful creatures in these 30 Old and New Testament stories! Go on a fun-filled adventures as you uncover all sorts of interesting facts about animals, like why lizards sometimes lose their tails of donkeys have such big ears. Eager beavers will love to learn the super animal sayings that accompany each story. In two shakes and a lamb’s tail you’ll learn all about the animals in the Bible!

Published by Cum/Christian Art.

Also available as Diere van die Bybel.

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Waar kan jy een van Wendy Maartens se boeke koop?

Wendy se boeke is beskikbaar by enige goeie boekwinkel. As jou gunsteling nie op die rak is nie, vra dat dit vir jou bestel word.