Angels of the Bible

How much do you know about angels and what they do for God? Did you know that God used angels to save Daniel from being eaten by lions? Or how about when God sent His angels to take care of Jesus in the desert? God even sent an angel to rescue Peter from prison!

Go on a faith-filled adventure through 18 Old and New Testament stories. You’ll discover what angels look like, what their names are and how God used them to help His people. You can even learn to fold your very own pop-up angel card using the instructions provided at the back of the book!

Published by Cum/Christian Art.

Also available as Engele van die Bybel.

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Waar kan jy een van Wendy Maartens se boeke koop?

Wendy se boeke is beskikbaar by enige goeie boekwinkel. As jou gunsteling nie op die rak is nie, vra dat dit vir jou bestel word.