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Elephant’s Big Secret and 19 other fantastic fables

This cheerful collection contains 20 fantastic animal fables, each of which includes valuable wisdom for children in a unique way and how values can be applied in everyday life.

Donkey’s Long Walk to Town conveys the message that one can never satisfy everyone. Bat, Bramble and Seagull Have a Meeting contributes to the idea that rather than only focussing on what you lack you should appreciate what you have. In Gnat Takes On Lion, the wisdom is shared that no one is so invincible that you can never be defeated. Beetle Puts Eagle in His Place shows that, given the courage, even if you are small there is always a way to stand up to a bully. These are just a few examples from this collection of gifted, shy, cheerful, scared, angry and brave animals.

What does Mrs Crab want to brag about? What is Elephant’s Big Secret? Did Hare outsmart the bullies?

Don’t wait any longer to find out!

Illustrator: Shayna Olivier

Penguin Random House, 2021


Book 1: Thuli Madonsela, Ingrid Jonker, Grizelda Grootboom

Book 2: Caster Semenya, Zulaikha Patel, Saray Khumalo

Book 3: Zolani Mahola, Maggie Jooste, Suna Venter

Book 4: Esther Mahlangu, Vanessa Govender, Elsje Neethling

Illustrasions by Linki Brand

Penguin Random House, 2021

Halala Job Maseko! A story collection of unsung South African Heroes spiced with a hint of local folklore

In this charmingly illustrated book, the celebrated storyteller Wendy Maartens compiled 21 stories of unsung South African heroes. Some stories are as alive as the windswept contours of Table Mountain. Others are so current that the joyous marvel of the events is still settling.

Discover how Job Maseko sank an enemy warship. Rejoice with the boy who walked barefoot through a war and follow the footsteps of the San boys who were kidnapped by traders.

Be inspired by former slave, Emilie Lehn’s survival of severe hardships and celebrate the long-awaited restoral of Sarah Baartman’s honour after her death.

This collection is the perfect gift for any young story lover!

Illustrations by Linki Brand

Lapa Publishers, 2019

Sea Stories

Sea Stories is a collection of stories from around the world – from “Hans and the hole” in Haarlem to the harvesters of bird nests Adhi and Sinta in the East. But there are also many local stories about the Birkenhead Command, “The Flying Dutchman”, the Alibama, Wolraad Woltemade, the Hole-in-the-Wall at esiKhaleni where the water people come to fetch you, “The ghosts of Jutten Island”, “Adamastor and the Cape of Storms” and the shepherd from Macassar who found Sheik Yusuf’s grave amongst the dunes. Sea Stories also contains adaptations of The Little Mermaid, the tale of Princess Elisa and her eleven swan brothers, and the West Coast farmer Koos Malgas who stole his wife’s seal skin. And of course Hare tricks Salt Water Crocodile. The charming illustrations by Marjorie van Heerden will carry a little reader away to a magical world full of oceanic wonder.

This publication is also available in Afrikaans, Stories van die see.

Illustrations by Marjorie van Heerden

Protea, 2016

Chris and the Christmas Angel

Eight-year-old Chris loves spending time with Uncle Sol, the security guard. Uncle Sol teaches him about the Evening Star and the Milky Way, Orion and the Scorpion.

On Christmas Eve Chris wants to know which star is the Star of Bethlehem. “I think it became a shooting star and shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Every little piece got stuck somewhere in someone’s heart and this helps us to love one another,” Uncle Sol replies. When Chris wants to know if you will be able to see an angel if you go to the stars in an actual rocket, Uncle Sol just smiles. But on Christmas morning he has a surprise for Chris. It is a message from an angel …

Also available as Kerneels en die Krismisengel.

Illustrations by Anneliese Voigt-Peters

Protea, 2017

Animals of the Bible

When you think about the animals in the Bible, what pops into your mind first? How about the animals in Noah’s ark? Or maybe the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem? The Bible is filled with stories about amazing animals!

Learn all about God’s wonderful creatures in these 30 Old and New Testament stories! Go on a fun-filled adventures as you uncover all sorts of interesting facts about animals, like why lizards sometimes lose their tails of donkeys have such big ears. Eager beavers will love to learn the super animal sayings that accompany each story. In two shakes and a lamb’s tail you’ll learn all about the animals in the Bible!

Published by Cum/Christian Art.

Also available as Diere van die Bybel.

Angels of the Bible

How much do you know about angels and what they do for God? Did you know that God used angels to save Daniel from being eaten by lions? Or how about when God sent His angels to take care of Jesus in the desert? God even sent an angel to rescue Peter from prison!

Go on a faith-filled adventure through 18 Old and New Testament stories. You’ll discover what angels look like, what their names are and how God used them to help His people. You can even learn to fold your very own pop-up angel card using the instructions provided at the back of the book!

Published by Cum/Christian Art.

Also available as Engele van die Bybel.

Children of the Bible

God uses ordinary children to do extraordinary things. He used 8-year old Josiah to turn the people back to Him, and David to fight the giant Goliath. God even had big plans for baby Moses while he was still floating down the Nile River in a basket! That’s right, Moses ended up leading God’s people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.

Discover the special plan God had for the ordinary children in the Bible with these 19 adventure-filled stories from the Old and New Testaments. Just like God had a special plan for them He also has a wonderful plan for you!

Published by Cum/Christian Art.

Also available as Kinders van die Bybel.

My First Animal Atlas

Discover creatures from around the world with this amazing animal atlas! This book is brimful of breathtaking facts about the animals that inhabit the world’s continents, and South Africa’s rich diversity of animal life.

A wonderful book for children who are keen to discover more about the world – and a handy reference source that belongs on every child’s bookshelf!

Also available as My Eerste Diere-atlas

Publisher: Lapa

Bible stories for children

In Bible Stories for Children, Wendy Maartens expresses her passion for ‘painting with words’ in a fresh and unique manner. Her retelling of stories from both the Old and New Testament will help children – from an early age – to follow Christ’s example by living abundantly, loving unconditionally and forgiving easily. These stories will make them excited about God and His people, the wonderful world in which they live, and teach them that God is a God who loves, smiles and forgives. The combination of Wendy’s accessible text and Marie Prinsloo’s joyful illustrations will give children a modern and open-minded insight into the facts and questions of Christian faith.

Format: Hardcover

Size: 280 x 195mm

Pages: 112

ISBN 978 1 43230 510 9 

Publisher: Penguin Random House